Verso activates learning

using authentic student voice as a driver for deeper, personalized learning design. It's Free and works on any device.



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Verso in action


Verso in action

Examples from Schools

Working closely with our Verso schools we have pulled together a selection of great provocations and linked them to the Australian Curriculum

Covering a broad range of year levels these challenges have been curated to inspire ideas for you to create your own to use with your students.

If you're looking for your first Verso challenge, check out the Get Started page for an immediate challenge to get started with.

What People are saying

Jon Bergmann: Flip Learning Pioneer & International Keynote Speaker

"Verso is a game changer!"

"......One other product I have been getting excited about is Verso. This platform is not quite a learning management system, and has built in interactivity. I like it because it is crazy easy to use. It is sort of the anti-LMS way to have students engage with your content."

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