Author: dawnlam

24 Dec Guest Blog: Dawn Lam – “Reflections of a high school English / ELD teacher committed to refining her craft”

Dawn Lam is an English teacher based at Beckman High School in Tustin Unified School District, California. What drew me to Dawn’s work is the emphasis she places on setting her students up for success. Her use of thinking time, writing frames and key academic and subject specific vocabulary, coupled with high expectations of herself as a professional and her students as learners is inspirational. Her goal seems to be to do all that she can to allow her students to shine. She engineers learning activities that allow students to show themselves at their best. This is the evidence she needs to signpost the next episodes of their individual journeys, as it informs what she has to do to allow them to each take their essential next steps.

“I’m constantly looking to refine and reinvent my teaching craft; inspired by fellow educators and most importantly my students.”


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