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View our 'Getting Started With Verso' video;  it shows you how to Verso in 90 seconds.


Use one of our ready made Challenges below to practice with your class. We have selected a range of provocations that have proven successful with teachers in our Verso community that make a great "first go" activity.


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Peer Pressure
A great challenge that highlights how peer pressure works to change a person’s behaviour. Your students will collaborate, building strategies to deal with the negative effect of peer pressure.


Consider why you think the men in the elevator feel the need to conform to peer pressure and behave in the same way as those around them.

Task 1: Think about a time when you have changed your behaviour to fit in with those around you. Outline this occasion in your response.

Task 2: once you have completed your response, read what other students have written. Comment with advice on how best to handle the situations they have described.

Remember to LIKE a comment that has helped with your own thinking!

What’s Your Sentence?
During this challenge, have your students reflect upon themselves, creating their own bold sentence, providing you as the teacher with insight into students’ mindsets. 


As you listen to the example sentences in the video, please think carefully about a bold sentence of your own. This should be a sentence that relates to you. In your response, state your sentence.

When you have posted your sentence you will unlock the broader community. Read and comment on as many of the other sentences, offering encouragement and ideas of your own. If somebody posts a helpful response make sure you acknowledge their contribution with a "like"

Verso – what makes a great comment?
Encourage students to carefully consider their comments when contributing in online discussions. Assist them to get the most out of each and every Verso challenge!


Watch the video. Remember you can pause and rewind if you need. 

In your response, complete the following sentence: A great comment... 

Put your suggestion into action! Add likes and comments to your classmate’s responses and comments

Information Literacy
An excellent challenge that assesses your students ability to apply website validation strategies during this challenge.

Continuing with our Information Literacy work, today we are looking at the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. 

Click on the link above to open a website that is informing people of the creature’s near extinction and how it needs to be saved. Use your skills as an investigator to decide whether the website has credible information or has information that isn’t true. 

In your response, justify your answer by showing evidence and explain how you came to that conclusion. Remember to use the tools we have reviewed like the WayBackMachine, GleanWhoIs, and Google.

Shark Attack
This scary, descriptive writing challenge will motivate your students to emotionally engage their potential audiences.

In one sentence, describe how the kayaker in this picture would be feeling. Remember to show, don’t tell the emotions they may be feeling. Consider your five senses as you respond. 

Once you've completed your response, be sure to like any other responses that extend your thinking, and add comments to leave any specific feedback to your classmates.

Qu’est-ce que vous ressemblez?
Support students to develop their knowledge of basic French adjectives with this Modern Foreign Language challenge. Learn more

We have been working on ways of describing ourselves using the verb avoir. Use the website that I have attached to help you and see if you can write a really good description of yourself. When you have posted your response, use the comments to see if you can work out who everybody is. Remember to offer suggestions of things they might have said to make their description even better! Bonne chance!